Brand Young and You Brand for Life; Why Cinema Advertising is an Effective Tools for Marketers

In the world of advertising there are many forms of media that can be utilized to get an advertisers message to its intended audience. Newspapers, television, radio, Internet and billboards are effective tools in this effort but one form of advertising that is often overlooked is Cinema Advertising.

Most people see cinema advertising as the little slide that is shown right before the movie starts,Brand Young and You Brand for Life; Why Cinema Advertising is an Effective Tools for Marketers Articles but it’s much more than that. Cinema advertising does offer slide advertising, but it also offers something that is called rolling stock that is similar to a television commercial. Some theatres offer dynamic digital advertising opportunities in place of slide advertising while others offer advertising opportunities on large LCD screens in the theatre lobbies.

They offer advertisers an opportunity to present their message to a captive and receptive audience in a family oriented environment. Hollywood spends billions of dollars each year promoting their movies and these massive marketing campaigns lure hundreds of millions of people to the movie theatres every year. It’s an audience of brand conscious teens, tweens and young adults with high disposable income and active lifestyles that makes this medium very attractive to a marketer.

Some toy manufacturers and beverage companies are aware of this and have taken full advantage of the opportunity. Other industries have followed suit, as they are starting to adhere to the title of this article, “Brand Young and You Brand for Life”.

Some may call cinema advertising intrusive but they cannot deny the fact that it is highly effective. The recall rate of cinema advertising is upwards of 70% while the recall rate of television sits at approximately 23%, the reason for this is that advertisers have a totally captive and receptive audience. They finally can advertise directly to the elusive teen and tween market in their own environment.

With the Tivo age growing this has forced marketers to become more innovative in their media planning efforts. They not only have included cinema in their media mix but they have also included other forms of advertising such as guerilla marketing, trash can advertising and even beach umbrella advertising.

This is all in an effort to reach the masses, but man does not live by advertising alone. An effective public relations plan should be in place to work hand in hand with any advertising campaign. The goal of the campaign is to get as much attention to your product as possible during the course of the campaign. So an effective public relations plan would only enhance the results, as it will allow the marketer to utilize the media to assist in getting their message out.

Changing Trends Giving Shape To An Enhanced PR

With the ever-changing industry, the technological penetration, and increased awareness, the public relations sector is set to enter new horizons of prominence.

With the ever-changing industry,Changing Trends Giving Shape To An Enhanced PR Articles the technological penetration, and increased awareness, the public relations sector is set to enter new horizons of prominence.

In the past decade, PR has undergone a tremendous change. And with 2020 marking the end of the decade, the world of Public Relations brims with immense potential and has proven itself to be a quintessential part of the organizational structure.

Looking back at the evolution of the industry, PR has come a long way ahead. From being a tool for just integrated communications, PR is now perceived as a service covering all facets of communications, be it marketing, advertisements, event management, or corporate communications.

As per a PRCAI report, in 2019 Indian PR business reached Rs 1600 crore and it predicts that in 2020 the industry will grow by 12.5 percent, making it a market of Rs 1800 crore.

This growth can be attributed to the bloom in the digital media with the help of which PR is able to access owned, earned, and paid media.

As the sector enters a new age of communication, it will be led by disruption and innovations. Below is a list of trends that marked their presence in 2109 which will be present in the years to come, strengthening the industry further.

The Blurring Lines Of Advertisement And Marketing
With the coming in of PR as integrated agencies, the clients have been demanding a 360-degree holistic experience. Delivering services beyond media relations are hugely appreciated by clients. Incorporating digital PR, alliances, owned media platforms, research, online reputation management, and PR driven data and insights, all are the need of the hour to establish their competencies in the market.

Championing Purpose-driven Communication
The media today being a hyper-connected digital world, the public relations have undergone phenomenal change where they no more limit themselves to traditional press. It has shifted from mere press release executors to championing thinkers enabling community building and strategic advisory. PR is making its presence felt in every possible sector like hosting end to end events, content collaborations with complementary brands, working with key opinion leaders, etc.

Reputation Management – A New Dimension Ruling PR
Where the media has become very quick, making content viral within light flashing speed, agencies are fostered to handle the client’s or brand’s reputation.

Though reputation management inclines more towards the management sector, in the future PR will have to designate a professional team that will understand the media and seamlessly manages the dynamic reputation management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) Revolutionizing The Technological Advancements
Those who do not evolve with time are generally left behind in the league of the competitive world. The world succumbing to the idea of survival of the fittest necessitates the need of coping up with the latest trend and technology. Likewise, where artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, and other technological advancements have taken over other industries, PR is no exception. These technologies will pacify the work while increasing the efficiency in reduced time.

Rise Of Video And Digital Content
The power of a strong narrative accompanied by instant touch embodied by video and digital content has enhanced the scope of reach in a cost-effective way. The reduction in the attention span of the audience has given rise to the exponential growth of these content. With the help of the owned, earned, and paid media, the agencies strive to convey the brand’s narrative through the video and digital content.

Micro-Influencer Enhancing The PR Reach To The Audience
The PR has witnessed a paradigm shift from being agents to organic micro-influencers. Delving on the importance of a vast audience, micro-influencers pondering on their greater and complex role act as the bridge of communication connecting the brand and the audience, efficiently conveying the brand’s message to the audience.

Thus it is evident that in the coming years the quality and functioning of PR though under the radar of morphosis will emerge to be more accurate, transparent, and authentic.